Is there a deposit fee and is it refundable?

There is a deposit fee of $100.00 USD. It is used to reserve and hold your kitten for you. Unless there is a fault on my end, the deposit fee is not refundable because I reserved the kitten of your choice for you and thus lost the chance to offer the kitten to another buyer or kept showing him/her as available on my website/Facebook page.

Do you ship kittens either locally or overseas?

As of right now I do not ship my kittens either within the United States or internationally. 

Do you drive to deliver kittens or meet half-way for a fee?

I do not offer services to drive the kitten to your destination or to meet with you half way. I want my new mommies and/or daddies to come to my home to meet their new fur baby. This way the baby can become familiar with their smells and voices before whisking them away. 

I reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten to anyone whom I deem unable to care for my precious baby or provide a loving home.